William T. Francis, LLC

Oil and Gas consulting for the institutional property manager or individual mineral owner.
Welcome to our web site. Please review our oil and gas asset management consulting services and call or email us for more information about how we can best serve your needs.We provide plain and easy to understand answers to the sometimes confusing issues of mineral ownership. We can help with lease negotiations, division order processing or locate nearby drilling activity. We have been selling properties through an internet auction site for seven years. In addition, we provide title transfer services to financial institutions. Let us provide you with a property analysis which includes historical data and update activity on adjacent property.

With the explosion of new information technology today, I can bring unlimited resources to your individual needs (title transfer, lease negotiating, division processing and royalty accounting).

I am a landman with over twenty five years of experience and can provide many services including lease ownership/availability, mineral interest ownership, lease acquisition and title curative.

I can bring the same resources plus my years of experience as a financial institution property manager to your outsource needs (property mangement, oil and gas accounting, property sales, asset searches, title transfers, etc.). Also, as a landman I can provide the full array of land services traditionally associated with the industry including leasing and title issues.