Oil and Gas Consultant


We serve anyone with properties located in the United States or any institution with mineral properties under its management.


I want to help you better understand the oil and gas industry as it relates to your situation. If you are frustrated with 800 #'s or have no one to call for an answer, I want to help you. Further, you may be an institution that wants to outsource a part of its property management function. Then, I am your candidate. I have helped financial institutions, charitable foundations and other oil companies.

We offer customized services based on our professional experience. I have over twenty five years experience in the oil and gas industry, including seventeen years with Bank of America, N. A.

I am committed to full client satisfaction and strict confidentiality.

William (Will) T. Francis

Will Francis has over 25 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. He graduated from Louisiana State University in 1978. He worked as an independent landman for three (3) years in the Rocky Mountains. After which, he completed the Credit Training Program of Republic Bank Dallas and worked in the Energy Lending area of Bank of America, NA and its predecessors for eight (8) years. Prior to becoming a consultant, he worked nine (9) years as a Property Manager in the Oil and Gas Trust Department of Bank of America, NA.

The states in which I have run title and leased are: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana